Kusuka e Wiktionary

Xitsonga: ku chela


1 pour in.
2 bear underground crop.
3 ~ xibalesa, load a musket. (Idiom) ~ badi, to bring misfortune on someone, to thrust ill-luck on; ~ hi mati yo hisa, to do some­one very great harm;
~ hi viriviri, (i) to blind, (ii) to do someone harm; ~ mafurha, to accelerate a motor vehicle; ~ mati, (i) to revive, (ii) to exaggerate; ~ munyu, (i) to excite, (ii) to add flavour to; ~ ndlala, ro excel; ~ timhaka, to introduce a case to someone, to put into trouble; ~ vusiwana, to impoverish; ~ vuvabyi, to contaminate, to infect someone with a disease, to pour poison.

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